There’s no stopping youth voting power

There’s no stopping youth voting power

By Malini Saxena Voting is not what I thought it would be. But maybe it can be.  As the election season approaches, I reminisce on my younger self. An optimistic and dynamic kid, ready to grow up and be taken seriously, I loved all the cool, big kid things, and I knew...

San Francisco just passed a ceasefire resolution

We applaud the decision by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass a resolution demanding a permanent ceasefire in the ongoing genocide in Palestine. We know that this vote carries a lot of weight with it and will be felt not only by other cities throughout our...

Our 2023 Impact Report

We're so excited for you to look through our 2023 Impact Report! You can also download a PDF version here.

Our statement on the crisis in Palestine and Israel

SF Rising joins the outpouring of voices calling for Palestinian liberation, an immediate ceasefire, and humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza. Today, our student members are participating in a national walkout to bring attention to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza....

Transitions at SF Rising

Emily Lee After 8 years as part of the leadership of SF Rising, this fall, I will be transitioning into a part-time role as Strategic Advisor. Since joining the staff in 2015, I have poured my political heart and soul into building SF Rising as a multi-racial civic...

My Experience Volunteering with SF Rising

  Gena Bullio As an incoming high school senior searching for new ways to fill my time, I discovered SF Rising and immediately reached out to volunteer. I had always been interested in social justice and organizing and wanted to find a way to get involved...

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