We are a vibrant electoral alliance
based in San Francisco.

We are SF Rising and we are here to
make lasting change.

Vote with us to build political power with working-class communities of color.

We are a vibrant electoral alliance based in San Francisco.

We are SF Rising and we are here to make lasting change.

Vote with us to build political power with working-class communities of color.

SF Chronicle: An S.F. police officer killed my son. Will Brooke Jenkins hold him accountable?

Published in the SF Chronicle By Cleo Moore "In 2017, San Francisco police officer Kenneth Cha shot my son, Sean Moore. Sean was standing on the front steps of his home, unarmed and suffering a mental crisis when Officer Cha shot him. The police were called to Sean’s...

As we mourn, we heal by fighting for justice

Just as we were processing the horrific mass shootings that took place in Oakland, Monterey Park, and Half Moon Bay last week, the Memphis Police Department released footage of the murder of Tyre Nichols by police this past Friday.   The egregious violence of the...

Student Debt Crisis: Hope is on the Horizon

Written by Diamund Will millions of debt burdened students be able to breathe a sigh of relief for a chance at financial freedom? A hope for change is underway! On February 28th, the Supreme Court of the United States will be deliberating on whether or not it is legal...

2022 is a Wrap!

2022 was a busy year. We started the year with redistricting, had 4 elections, and celebrated the first step in full debt cancellation with President Biden's decision to cancel $10-20,000 of student debt per borrower. As tumultuous as last year was, we want to...

Why 2023 is critical

Working-class people of color in San Francisco are struggling to hold on to the power we’ve spent decades building. Big money from tech, out-of-state billionaires, and venture capitalists is flooding into our city and impacting our elections. Just look at the outcome...

Our statement on the November 8th Midterm Election results so far

SF Rising is excited to see that our endorsed local propositions, Props A, C, F, G and H have passed. Propositions L and M haven’t been officially called yet but we are hopeful they will also pass because they have a 38% and 5% lead respectively. These propositions...

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Holding the District Attorney Accountable to Criminal Justice Reform

Holding the District Attorney Accountable to Criminal Justice Reform

SF Rising is teaming up with the ACLU of Northern California to co-convene the SF District Attorney Accountability Alliance. We want to make sure that whoever holds the office of district attorney in our city is committed to upholding justice and public safety for all of our communities. The alliance will bring together community, civil rights, legal, labor and other organizations committed to hold whoever becomes the next San Francisco District Attorney accountable. Our priorities will include: 

  • Holding police accountable when they break the law
  • Maintaining and advancing criminal justice reforms that reduce incarceration and racial bias
  • Upholding public safety and law enforcement priorities that focus on rehabilitation and treatment, victims’ services, and long-neglected priorities such as protecting workers’ rights

San Franciscans deserve a DA who will work to eliminate the inequities in our criminal legal system and keep all of us safe.

Cancelling ALL Student Debt and Making College Free for All

Cancelling ALL Student Debt and Making College Free for All

While we are excited about President Biden's announcement to cancel $10-20k of student debt per loan borrower,, we know that over centuries, racist institutions and policies have left many BIPOC students without generational wealth and we are forced to take on more debt than our white peers. Cancelling only $10-20k will still disproportionately leave much of our community with debt while clearing white borrowers' debt. We all deserve to access higher education without bearing the heavy burden of student debt. That's why we are fighting for total student debt cancellation and free higher education for everyone.


Gearing up for 2024

Gearing up for 2024

2024 is going to be a huge year for electoral change. There will be races at the local, state, and federal level and we want to make sure that our communities are registered and equipped with the knowledge they need to feel prepared to vote next year.

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San Francisco Rising builds the political power of working-class communities and communities of color in San Francisco to lead the way for democratic governance that prioritizes racial, economic and environmental justice.

We are an alliance of grassroots organizations led by people of color, and a political home for San Franciscans who care about justice and sustainability. We build power through deepening multiracial solidarity, educating and mobilizing voters, working closely with policymakers, organizing, and developing leaders of color.

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