We are a vibrant electoral alliance
based in San Francisco.

We are SF Rising and we are here to
make lasting change.

Vote with us to build political power with working-class communities of color.

We are a vibrant electoral alliance based in San Francisco.

We are SF Rising and we are here to make lasting change.

Vote with us to build political power with working-class communities of color.

Quick action for redistricting reform in SF

We don’t have to tell you that this most recent redistricting process was a debacle that was not only messy, but also influenced by partisan special interests which have no place in redistricting. It included unclear criteria by which the Redistricting Task Force...

Save the date for Thursday, March 28th, 2024 for our big event, Hustle & Heart: Celebrating 14 years of Powerbuilding!

Join us as we celebrate the transition of our outgoing Co-Director, Emily Lee, and our incoming Executive Director, Celi Tamayo-Lee. The evening will be filled with powerful performances, music, and a delectable spread of local fare, and we want everyone who has been...

Our statement on the crisis in Palestine and Israel

SF Rising joins the outpouring of voices calling for Palestinian liberation, an immediate ceasefire, and humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza. Today, our student members are participating in a national walkout to bring attention to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza....

Sanctioned Violence: Federal Student Loan Payments Restarted on Oct 1st

by Sanae Wolfe After a three-year whirlwind of pausing student debt repayments and a promising proposal of millions of dollars in debt being cancelled, both of those things have been stripped away right before our eyes despite all of our demands. With the presence of...

Local News Matters: Bay Area’s young voters are registering at lower rates. Organizers are combating this ahead of 2024 election

THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION produced some of the highest turnout of young voters and voters of color. Alex Lalama was among them. A San Francisco State University student at the time, Lalama was one of many students becoming more politically involved, which Lalama...

Transitions at SF Rising

Emily Lee After 8 years as part of the leadership of SF Rising, this fall, I will be transitioning into a part-time role as Strategic Advisor. Since joining the staff in 2015, I have poured my political heart and soul into building SF Rising as a multi-racial civic...

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Holding the District Attorney accountable to criminal justice reform

Holding the District Attorney accountable to criminal justice reform

SF Rising teamed up with the ACLU of Northern California to co-convene the SF District Attorney Accountability Alliance. We want to make sure that whoever holds the office of district attorney in our city is committed to upholding justice and public safety for all of our communities. The alliance brings together community, civil rights, legal, labor and other organizations committed to hold whoever becomes the next San Francisco District Attorney accountable. Our priorities include:

  • Holding police accountable when they break the law
  • Maintaining and advancing criminal justice reforms that reduce incarceration and racial bias
  • Upholding public safety and law enforcement priorities that focus on rehabilitation and treatment, victims’ services, and long-neglected priorities such as protecting workers’ rights

San Franciscans deserve a DA who will work to eliminate the inequities in our criminal legal system and keep all of us safe. If you're interested in joining our work to hold DA Brooke Jenkins accountable, sign up to be a volunteer today!

Training college students to be effective organizers

Training college students to be effective organizers

SF Rising has been organizing college students on the three college campuses in San Francisco: USF, CCSF, and SFSU, to train them in being effective organizers on their campuses. We engage students through voter registration, campus events, and through our Student Rising Fellowship. We envision a future where everyone who wants to, can go to the higher education institution of their choosing without financial barriers standing in the way. If you're interested in joining our student organizing work, sign up to be a volunteer today!


Gearing up for 2024

Gearing up for 2024

2024 is going to be a huge year for electoral change. There will be races at the local, state, and federal level and we want to make sure that our communities are registered and equipped with the knowledge they need to feel prepared to vote next year.

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San Francisco Rising builds the political power of working-class communities and communities of color in San Francisco to lead the way for democratic governance that prioritizes racial, economic and environmental justice.

We are an alliance of grassroots organizations led by people of color, and a political home for San Franciscans who care about justice and sustainability. We build power through deepening multiracial solidarity, educating and mobilizing voters, working closely with policymakers, organizing, and developing leaders of color.

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