Why 2023 is critical

Nov 29, 2022 | Blog, Updates

Working-class people of color in San Francisco are struggling to hold on to the power we’ve spent decades building. Big money from tech, out-of-state billionaires, and venture capitalists is flooding into our city and impacting our elections. Just look at the outcome of Prop O, which lost by over 25 points. So many students we talked to on the phones and at the doors about Prop O agreed that passing it was a no brainer. But the SF Apartment Association spent nearly one million dollars to defeat this measure that would have provided much needed funding for City College through a parcel tax.

Losing resources and representation for our communities further disillusions voters of color from participating in important elections. Which is why our work to reach voters is critical.

With the passing of Prop H, there won’t be any planned elections for next year. But now is not the time to step back. We must use next year as an opportunity to expand and power up our base so we can show up for working families en masse in 2024. 

Most political campaigns only focus on reaching voters during election season. But if we want to build a long-term movement, we have to keep voters informed, engaged, and ready to take action even in between elections. Not only that, we have to engage all San Franciscans in taking action beyond Election Day to hold our elected officials accountable and pass legislation that secures resources for marginalized communities.

Today, on Giving Tuesday, can you give $10, $25, or $50 to help us grow our movement next year? Better yet, become a sustainer and show your support year round.

Our student-led canvassing team for the Midterm Election

In a time when it feels like we have to go on defense to protect our basic rights, with enough funding, we can push for even more than just the bare minimum for our communities.

Your donation to SF Rising would support our campaigns to:

  • Fight for free college for all and full student debt cancellation
  • Protect our progress in criminal justice reforms
  • Develop young BIPOC leaders who will sustain our movement long-term as organizers

If you can give even just $10 today, you’d be helping fuel a movement for progressive change in San Francisco – one that doesn’t end on Election Day, but continues on for the long run.

Donate today in honor of Giving Tuesday and be a part of this critical fight.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

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