The Redistricting Task Force meeting schedule is up!

Jan 11, 2022 | Blog, Updates

The Redistricting Task Force, who will determine new district maps for San Francisco by April 15th, 2022, has released a schedule of meetings from now through the end of the process. Check out the full schedule below and join a meeting live through the Redistricting Task Force website.

Updated on January 24th, 2022 after revised changes at the Task Force meeting on January 22nd, 2022. 

Upcoming Redistricting Task Force meeting schedule

Day Time District focus Location
Friday, January 7th 3pm General Remote
Wednesday, January 12  5:30pm General Remote
Friday, January 14th 3pm 6 Remote
Saturday, January 22nd 10am 5 Remote
Saturday, January 29th 10am 3 Remote
Friday, February 4th 3pm 10 Remote
Monday, February 7th 5:30pm 11 Remote
Wednesday, February 9th 5:30pm 8 Remote
Friday, February 11th 3pm 1 Remote
Wednesday, February 16th  5:30pm 4 Remote
Friday, February 18th  3pm 9 Remote
Wednesday, February 23rd 5:30pm 7 Remote
Saturday, February 26th 10am 2 Remote
Friday, March 4th  3pm 3 TBD
Saturday, March 5th  10pm 10 TBD
Monday, March 7th  5:30pm 1 TBD
Wednesday, March 9th 5:30pm 2 TBD
Monday, March 14th 5:30pm 7 TBD
Friday, March 25th  3pm 9 TBD
Monday, April 4th  5:30pm 8 TBD
Wednesday, April 6th 5:30pm 5 TBD
Friday, April 8th  3pm General TBD
Monday, April 11th 5:30pm General TBD
Wednesday, April 13th  3pm General TBD

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