Tell DA Jenkins to hold SFPD officer Kenneth Cha accountable for the murder of Sean Moore

Apr 24, 2023 | Blog, Updates

In 2017, Sean Moore was shot by SFPD officer Kenneth Cha and 3 years later, he died from his injuries.

Sean’s family has been coming to court every few months since charges against the officer were first brought by DA Chesa Boudin in November 2021. Since DA Brooke Jenkins took office, the family has had no updates from the DA’s office, no meetings have been granted to update the family, and each time the defense for Officer Cha requests a delay, the DA has allowed it without concern for the family’s prolonged suffering.

Click here to send an email directly to DA Jenkins calling on her to stop allowing delays in the prosecution of officer Kenneth Cha, hold officers accountable, and support victims of police violence.

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