As we mourn, we heal by fighting for justice

Jan 30, 2023 | Blog, Updates

Just as we were processing the horrific mass shootings that took place in Oakland, Monterey Park, and Half Moon Bay last week, the Memphis Police Department released footage of the murder of Tyre Nichols by police this past Friday.


The egregious violence of the last few weeks shines a light on the trauma communities face in our country, particularly communities of color. Black and Latinx people should not have to fear being murdered at a traffic stop by police, who we are told will protect us. Farmworkers should not be exploited and forced to live in deplorable conditions until they are pushed over the edge. AAPI communities should not have to fear for their lives while celebrating Lunar New Year because someone who never should have been, was sold a semi-automatic assault weapon.


We envision a world for our communities where there is no fear of being killed at work, at a celebration, at a traffic stop. We want a future for communities of color where we can live joyous and thriving lives. SF Rising is committed to addressing the systemic issues at play in these distressing events – worker exploitation, racist policing, and corrupt politicians who put the interests of the gun lobby over people – as we continue to fight for a fair political and electoral system for our communities. We are reminded that there is so much work still to do to ensure everyone can access resources like healthcare and mental health support. And while California may be a leader in gun violence prevention laws, these shootings show that even our states’ policies simply don’t go far enough.


While we mourn the lives of people who were lost in these tragedies, we also want to call attention to the elephant in the room: police violence occurs right here in San Francisco. District Attorney Brooke Jenkins has hypocritically called for accountability amidst the injustice of Tyre Nichols’ murder, but has failed to hold SFPD officers accountable for police violence in her own jurisdiction. DA Jenkins has the opportunity to bring charges against three SFPD officers who killed Luis Gongora Pat, Keita O’Neil, and Sean Moore, but instead has fired the attorneys working on their cases. She has also delayed the trials of the officers responsible for killing Keita O’Neil and Sean Moore time and time again, prolonging any semblance of justice for the victims’ families who have waited years to see killer cops held accountable.


Please join us in showing support for the victims’ families at two upcoming court dates: Wednesday, March 1st at 9am to demand justice for Keita O’Neil and Friday, March 10th at 9am to demand justice for Sean Moore. 


As we grieve and protest this week, we renew our calls on District Attorney Brooke Jenkins to hold SFPD cops accountable for their actions right here in her home turf.


In solidarity,
SF Rising

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