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May 18, 2022 | Blog, Updates

Join San Francisco Rising for “Summer Rising” – an Organizing Fellowship for 10-12 college students attending school in San Francisco (CCSF, USF, SFSU) or born/raised in the Bay. This is a 6-week long fellowship at 16-20 hours a week. During this fellowship, participants will learn community organizing skills, practice in-person canvassing skills, build SFR’s student base, and work on campaigns to improve educational access for all students in higher education. Students will learn about past social, economic and environmental justice movements and current social, economic and environmental justice organizations and campaigns through out San Francisco and the Bay Area. Each fellow will be responsible for recruiting and building out the local movement for Free College. We’re seeking individuals who are serious about developing their organizing skills and are ready to commit to a summer of growth.

Program start date: Monday, June 27th, 2022
Program end date: Friday, August 5th, 2022

There are still open spots for CCSF students and we will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until they are filled, so please apply as soon as you can and reach out to Alex Lalama if you have any questions:

This is a hybrid fellowship, facilitated on Zoom and in-person. all participants must be able to participate in-person; as of now there is no remote-only option, although we are open to specific accommodations. The 6 weeks will work towards supporting SFR define a student membership structure and 5 year plan in working towards cancelling student debt for our vision of Free College 4 All.  *Stipends will be offered to those who request financial aid to participate, ranging from $1,000 – $2,000.

Through this Summer Fellowship, we will be focused on voter registration, organizing for our Student Debt Cancellation Campaign and building out our SFR Student Membership Structure. Through a 6-week program, we will meet 4-5 days each week with different skill / organizing leadership workshops, political education sessions featuring local organizers, daily phone banking to connect to our communities, community building rooted in mental health and wellness, and in-person canvassing days, depending on the covid-19 situation with students safety at our forefront. Additionally, at the end of our 6-weeks, we will publish a SFR Student Manifesto outlining our culture, goals, and 5 year plan to invite students into our movement. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate a desire to continue organizing with SF Rising, on their campus in the Fall of 2022.

– Phone banking: calling college students in the SF Bay Area about issues of college affordability
– In-person canvassing: Door knock working-class San Franciscan’s about the 1.8 trillion dollar student debt and criminal justice issues (optional)
-Interviewing local Grassroots Organizers about membership structures / student organizing

– History of College Tuition and Free Education in CA
– History of social movements in San Francisco, Bay Area, and Internationally
– Learning about and supporting local campaigns in San Francisco with SF Rising’s Member Organizations

– Organizing Skills 101 & 202
– Base Building & Propositions
– Narrative Strategy & Storytelling
– Strategic Planning
– Power Building & Power mapping
– Community Outreach via Phone banking and/or Door knocking
– Grassroots Fundraising

– SFR Student Manifesto crafting demands and goals
– Defining SFR culture / student membership structure
– Supporting SFR in creating a 5 year plan for Free College 4 All

– Community or campaign events hosted by local organizations

DRAFT SCHEDULE of a TYPICAL WEEK (not finalized)
*We may alter the schedule based on fellows’ availability and campaign needs.

– 12pm-2pm :: Guest speaker / Training / Political Education / Community Tour
– 4pm-7pm  :: Phonebanking (or Doorknocking)

– 12pm-2pm :: Guest speaker / Training / Political Education / Community Tour
– 4pm-7pm  :: Phonebanking (or Doorknocking)

– 12pm-2pm :: Outreach at City College or SF State
– 4pm-7pm  :: Phonebanking (or Doorknocking)

– 12pm-2pm :: Community Building w/ Cohort
– 4pm-7pm  :: Phonebanking (or Doorknocking)

– 12-2pm :: Working on Final Project

– 3pm-5pm :: Community Event (Optional)

*30-60 minute interviews will be conducted via Zoom
*This program structure, dates, and design are all subject to change. We appreciate your flexibility!
*Applicants must be 18 years and older.

Please only consider applying if you are vaccinated and boosted for the safety of our community.

Any questions? Reach out to Alex:

This application should take about 20 – 40 min to complete and is broken down between:

a) BASIC INFO – 11 questions
b) GETTING TO KNOW YOU – 4 questions (longer answers)



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