Our communities showed up in the September 14th special election

Sep 24, 2021 | Updates

On September 14th, we not only showed up to the ballot box ourselves, we made sure our communities did too, proving that working-class communities of color are building a movement that cannot be ignored. While votes are still being counted, as of today, voter turnout for the governor’s recall election is 54.4%, which is nearly double the 28% turnout in the last statewide special election. In San Francisco, that number is even higher. SF voters turned out at 67.6%! By voting in every election, big or small, we can ensure that our communities are better represented as we strive towards a future that works for all of us.

But elections are not the only way to make change. In fact, for many Californians who are not eligible, voting isn’t even an option. So now that the special election is over, we need to continue to fight for the wellbeing of our communities by speaking out for change we want to see and holding our elected officials accountable.

We’re excited to continue to show up and create a stronger San Francisco and California, one where all of us can thrive, and we hope you’ll join us in this fight! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and sign up for our email list to stay up to date on ways we can continue to build power in our communities.

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