Mission Local: Preliminary plan to move Tenderloin into District 5 proves controversial

Mar 29, 2022 | In the News, Updates

“New district boundaries have far-reaching ramifications for the city. The district you live in may impact how city government funds are spent and which housing initiatives your supervisor supports. It may change how you interact with city services. New boundaries also mean new demographics in each district, which can change the dynamics of supervisor elections and alter how community groups organize.

The advocacy group San Francisco Unity Map Coalition argued that “redistricting has often been used to diminish the power of communities of color.” This can happen when traditionally Black or Brown areas are split up and their votes become diluted in their new districts.

Raquel Redondiez, director of SOMA Pilipinas, said that 30 percent of District 6 Filipinos currently live in the Tenderloin.

“By moving the Tenderloin to a totally different district, it effectively divides our community,” she said. “And this is a community that’s already borne the brunt of hyper development in the city.”

“We’re really concerned that despite the fact that the task force has said they wanted to hear from all communities, particularly people of color and vulnerable communities, it seems like what they’re doing is actually listening more to affluent neighborhoods,” she said.”


Read the full article on the Mission Local website.

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