KQED: ‘I Need to Be Able to Go on With My Life’: Sean Moore’s Mother Is Still Awaiting Justice, Years After Her Son Was Killed by SFPD

May 22, 2023 | In the News, Updates

Published on KQED.

by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez

Cleo Moore is tired of waiting.

She’s 84, and instead of celebrating the joy of her new great-grandchild, she spends much of her time waiting to hear back from San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins about the status of a case involving the police officer who shot her son, Sean, in 2017.

Sean Moore, a Black man who was unarmed when he was shot, died three years later from complications related to the injury.

While the officer who shot him was charged with manslaughter, the case has dragged on for two years without a preliminary hearing — usually considered an early step in a trial.

The delay has taken a toll.

“My days are spent going from one graveyard to the other,” said Moore, who is mourning both her son and her late husband. “I need to get over this. I need to be able to go on with my life.”

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