Building a San Francisco #UnitedInCrisis

Mar 17, 2020 | Events

In our communities, what hurts some of us, hurts all of us. Our response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis must prioritize the collective needs of all people.

Join us in calling on our government officials and elected leaders to immediately address the platform below. To survive, we must be a city #UnitedInCrisis.

San Francisco Rising is joining  community organizations and labor unions serving those most impacted by COVID-19, we have highlighted a 10 point platform for the city to address immediately. While some corporations and individuals may be trying to keep the status quo, the first priority of our government must be to the people in our communities.

1) Ensure Equitable Access to Information For All

2) Ensure Deliveries of Food and Medications

3) Create Public Health Emergency Leave and Worker Protections

4) Direct Payments to Vulnerable Workers, Not Through Employers

5) Schools Sites Act as Centers for Food, Childcare, Wellness

6) Sustainable Funding to Fill Gaps in School and Childcare Systems

7) Provide Full Healthcare Staffing at all Public Facilities

8) Give Access to Basic Sanitation and Testing for All San Franciscans

9) Implement a Full Eviction Moratorium

10) Give Access to Unfilled Hotels and Private Housing

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