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We’re hiring! $15/hour to build working class power!

Join the movement for tax and budget justice!

Our city and our state are at a crossroads. Income inequality is surging, evictions are through the roof, and our public institutions and infrastructure are dilapidated from decades of disinvestment.

But we know grassroots organizing can change this. We have a strategy, we’ve already started fighting back and winning, and we’re building the movement.

The victory of Prop 30 in November 2012 saved California from making budget cuts this year, and the passage locally of the Housing Trust Fund and business tax reform that year has provided millions of dollars for affordable housing and critical social services.

Next month, SF Rising will be conducting another grassroots voter outreach program! We’re hiring!

Working with our statewide alliance California Calls, we will be hiring a 12-person team at $15/hour to contact thousands of San Francisco voters and educate them about the need for tax and fiscal policy reform.

Our team will also spread the word about SF Rising’s anti-displacement work and our struggle to raise wages for low wage workers.

Do you know someone looking for work? Want to build working class power for $15/hour?

How to apply:
Download this job application AND attend one of the following mandatory interviews:

Monday, May 5 from 3:30-6:30pm (interview starts at 3:30pm sharp!) or Monday, May 12 from 3:30-6:30pm (interview starts at 3:30pm sharp!).

Both interviews will be at Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth 459 Vienna St. (b/w Persia & Brazil), San Francisco, CA 94112, (Closest MUNI lines: 29 and 54).

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