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Tenants and workers are rising!

On the heels of the massive citywide tenant convention this winter that brought together over 1,000 renters from all across San Francisco comes a huge rally: Act Now! Our City, Our Homes!Saturday, April 26, 12pm-3pm in Civic Center Plaza.

Join San Francisco Rising and the SF Anti-Displacement Coalition for a fun, interactive rally that will feature various activities and workshops, and Chinese and Spanish interpretation.

Together, we are saying: Yes to fair rents! No more evictions and predatory speculation! San Francisco’s working class communities refuse to be pushed out!

Gentrification is not Inevitable!

As articulated in the major new report Development Without Displacement: Resisting Gentrification in the Bay Area authored by SF Rising’s member organization Causa Justa :: Just Causewe are not mere observers, powerless to contend with this systematic racial and class remake of working class communities of color by real estate investors and the wealthy.

On the contrary, activists have developed a series of public policy proposals that will protect our communities and keep our people in their homes.

From taxing predatory speculators, to balancing market rate and affordable housing production, to amending state law, SF Rising is doing the community organizing to advance these proposals — from the legislative chambers in Sacramento and San Francisco to the doorsteps of Latino, Chinese, Filipino and African American voters in Southeast San Francisco.

We hope you will join us!

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